More To The Garden Window Than Meets The Eye

F you think decorating and maintaining a garden window is simple and easy, think again. There are lots of things that a homeowner have to take into consideration when it comes to a garden window.

To name a couple; does it fit the style and design of the home? Does the garden window fit your needs? How does the garden window open? These are just a few of the important questions about the garden window that the homeowner should ask whenever he or she is shopping for a garden window.

The awning garden window

Let’s start with the most common type of garden window that’s very popular among most homeowners. The awning garden window. The awning garden window is a type of garden window that opens up from the bottom. The awning garden window gives the garden window a Prairie, Tudor, French, Ranch or contemporary look.

The awning garden window should be placed high up on the wall and provides the room with or home proper ventilation. It provides excellent lighting in the room while maintaining privacy.

The casement type of garden window is also wildly popular among homeowners.
The casement garden window provides an excellent view in and out of the home, provides good lighting and provides an unobstructed view to the garden through the window from top to bottom, from side to side.

A colonial style with double-hung garden window

And then there’s the double-hung garden window that lends a colonial, craftsman, French, Victorian or another traditional feel to the home. Most people install the double-hung garden window for window placement, adjoining walkways, porches or patios. However, the double-hung window can be used anywhere in the home, not only as a garden window.

The sliding patio door can also be used as a garden window.

For homeowners who prefer a clean and refreshing, modern look to the home, they should use the gliding patio door for the garden window. As you can see, it’s theoretically not a garden window, but it works pretty much as a garden window.

Hinged patio doors are popular

Interior designers often use them for homeowners who want to give their home a stylish, modern feel and keep the excellent ventilation to the house. And since some garden window types not provide as much view and ventilation as the hinged patio door, homeowners love the concept of using hinged patio doors as garden windows.